TDS Placements and Services Private Limited. Blog Latest Products Tue, 27 Feb 2024 21:28:29 +0530 en-us What Are The Benefits Of Facility Management Services? Mon, 15 Feb 2021 10:15:29 +0530 Proper facilities management is very crucial for the efficient operation of day to day tasks within your business. Managing the facilities of the business is very important if you want to increase your business and productivity by taking away all the responsibility of maintaining and management by the working environment. Outsourcing the facility management needs will help you bring benefits to the business. In their article, we will learn about some of the benefits of choosing facilities management.   There are plenty of businesses which has recognized the importance of having facility management services. When the facilities are managed in the right way, it helps the businesses to work more efficiently and effectively by improving the processes. This also increases the productivity and ensures safety and health standards are met and all assets are working in the best way.   Cost-Effective The facilities management makes sure that there is a more cost-effective working process in your business. For instance, carrying regular preventive maintenance on the assets will reduce the amount of money that is usually spent on repairs by having the essential resource available already. Along with this a clean, safe and pleasant working environment will motivate the employees so that they become more productive. Therefore, the proper facilities management is very important for the company about cost-efficiency.   Improves Business Efficiency Having a proper management service is very important to improve the efficiency of the business. Investing in the proper management of facilities motivates employees, this helps the company focus better on its day to day operation, ensures health and safety standards are archives and it makes sure all assets within the business are in good condition.   Helps Manage Health And Safety Requirements The facilities should comply with safety and health needs and requirements within the business industry. The standards must be compiled with for the safety and health of your employed and for the insurances needs.   Increases The Lifespan Of The Business Assets Investing in the right management of facilities will help increase the lifespan of the assets of your company. For instance, if your building is more maintained properly then it will start to decay much faster. This is why it is very important that you manage the facilities in the right way to make sure that the business assets have a longer lifespan and also operates in the best way.   Reduces Pressure And Stress Facility management outsourcing to a reliable facilities management company will help reduce the pressure and stress of managing your facilities in house. Handing over this responsibility of managing and maintaining your site to a facility management company will help you be less worried about. The company will take care of all the facilities management needs and are taken care of providing you with essential and sustainable management solutions which are compliant with industry regulations.   Mobility And Collaboration The companies will help manage your business activities from remote locations. You can also effectively collaborate and communicate with your team or even control your business when you are our of your office. Be it a tablet, computer, smartphone with a connection to the internet, you can access the assets and resources through the advanced tools and systems of facility management software.   Improved Efficiency And Productivity Inefficient processes and equipment can significantly impact business hours and productivity. Facility management brings overall efficient by saving you time, adding more value and reducing cost through usages and maintenance of the assets. When the employees can control their working ambience through various facility management systems and tools and they devote more time to the welfare of the organisation they work in.   Space Optimization This is the key to improve productivity and engaging workplace. The facility management has space optimization tools which help you make the most out of your office space. With the help of space management features, you can recognize the actual space in your company and also the space that it needs. This will help you efficiently plan your office space utilization from the dashboard of your software.   Therefore, choose the best facility management services from a reliable company and enjoy amazing benefits. Why GST Suvidha Center is Helpful for the customers? Tue, 09 Mar 2021 16:43:02 +0530 GST Suvidha Center gives the right platform to the taxpayers to get different GST services.   GST is even called Goods and Services Tax is an indirect kind of tax that is implied on the supply of goods and services in and out of the nation. The Act was confirmed in the Parliament on 29th March 2017 and came into strength on 1st July 2017. It has the existence into simply to call consistency in the Indian taxation system.   A GST Suvidha Center allows businesses to make use of the different GST services and pursue all the provisions and processes that fall under GST law with the help of an internet platform. GSP supports the stylish procedure of filing GST returns, starting from GST registration to annual return filing.   Why GSC (GST Suvidha Center) is necessary?   GSC is an essential platform where taxpayers can discover services linked to their advantages which include filing ITR, Accounting service, Applying for Company Registration, and also the services linked to transport or trading.   • GST Suvidha Center is a stand that offers the best franchise business chance for franchise owners and at the same moment gives services in 11 verticles. They include Finance, G2C, banking, loan, and insurance, Employment, Bill Payments, Education, Travel, GSC Aushadhi Kendra, and Health. • It's a one-stop stand for the people who feel right too weak areas and find it difficult to reach the appropriate sort of service provider. • GST Suvidha Centers makes the best business opportunities for people who wish to have a normal life by creating a steady earning source.   Which Services are provided by GST Suvidha Center? GST Suvidha Center services are available in 11 verticals wrapping Financial, Banking, Loan, Insurance, G2C, Bill Payment, Travel, Health, Education, Employment, and E-commerce among others.   What are the needs to open GST Suvidha Kendra? These are important need for the opening of GST Suvidha Kendra- • 2 Computers or 2 Laptop • Space of 100 Sq. Feet • A dedicated source for Filing GST • Connection of the Internet with Min.4 Mbps Speed • Printer • GST familiarity is required • 2 Computer Operator having the essential account knowledge and Typing rate     Who can unlock the GST Suvidha Franchise? Important requirements and eligibility for opening the GST Suvidha permit- • It does not need that one must have suitable GST business information. We give systematic training for it. • A place to control the trade. • A person should be completed the 12th. • A printer, scanner, Android phone/computer, and internet connection.   What are the top advantages of the GST Suvidha Kendra? • Suvidha Kendra will be the personalized business • Give the GST Services at the Suvidha Kendra • Allows you to earn about Rs. 1,00,000 per month • It allows you to add-on services such as PAN Card, DTH Recharge, and GST Registration among others.   What sort of Support Suvidha Kendra will discover? • Marketing Support • Technical Support • The direction the Customers to our adjacent Suvidha Centers   Advantages associated with the API based integration: • Making use of the advanced technology across different platforms which includes desktop, smartphone, and laptop among others are depends on the particular needs of a person. • Uploading as well as downloading robustly information • Aptitude to adapt to altering taxation infrastructure, business criteria, and end customers’ usage mock-ups • Management with the software of customers that taxpayers and additional citizens utilize for regular activities.   What are the common charges for the GST Suvidha? Depend on the services provided to the taxpayers, GSPs can charge as per requirements. Agreements in the middle of the GSPs and taxpayers shall take place especially by them. There is no control of the GSTN on the GSPs and taxpayers.   If you are new in the field, it is better to talk to some professional of GST Suvidha for better help. Manage your human capital easily with HR consultant services Mon, 19 Apr 2021 15:44:09 +0530 Running an organization can be difficult if you do not know how and what should be done. You need to have the manpower that can properly do the work. Human resource is an important part of any organization and needs to be managed properly. You will see managing employees and other processes need to be done systematically. You cannot compromise on this as it will be impacting your business. However, you need to have a dedicated team that can do the needful. But one thing that comes with building a team is the cost and the time that needs to be invested in the entire process.   To manage things, you can also outsource the process to a firm that has a professional and knowledgeable human resource consultant so that your purpose is served and you can save on a lot of expenses. With an HR consultant, you can easily make sure that everything is done in the best possible manner.   What are the roles of a human resource consultant? Human resource consultant works in various ways to ensure that a firm works smoothly. The roles and responsibilities of an HR consultant are as follows: • They work towards initiating and leading various human resource projects and programs that can benefit the employees • They are responsible for conducting researches via different means, methods to identify the problems associated with the employees and find a suitable solution. • They also help in providing advice to HR members along with recommendations for issues that occur daily to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. • They are responsible for creating strategic plans that are meant to address matters related to human resources. • It is also the responsibility of them to assist in recruiting staff and training them as well. • Culture management is also done by them by devising different techniques and plans. • Developing new policies for the benefit of the human resource. • Implementing new technologies that are important for HR administration. • Look after and establish a control and compliance system relevant to the business. • Reviewing the processes and performance and modify accordingly.   With the above roles and responsibilities, you can easily understand how important an HR consultant is. You can find reputed agencies offering human resource consultant services that can help your business to function well by keeping checks on the human resource and make sure that a set of a protocol is followed. All you need to do is look at the way they work and proceed accordingly. You can get your queries and concerns answered that will help you to make a decision accordingly. You should also check for the clients they serve to have a better understanding of their work. A reputed human resource consultant will ensure you quality services. With HR consulting services, you can rest assured that your business will work just fine as the issues related to the human resource will be handled most efficiently. It will help to maintain a healthy employee and employer relation that will benefit the business as a whole. Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Recruitment Company Mon, 10 May 2021 13:25:07 +0530 The human resources side of your company is often easier to overlook, particularly when things run smoothly. In terms of salary, tax reporting and health management, the human resources department of an organisation plays an important role.   Furthermore, the Department of Human Resources also provides legal compliance, manages documents and oversees preparation. Today, most companies tend to outsource their HR staffing process services because they believe that HR roles are too complicated to handle in-house. In reality, the outsourcing of HR services has many advantages.   The Main Advantages Of This Approach Are Mentioned Below:   Cost-Effective Services Well-trained personnel and additional office space are required for a properly working HR department. Instead of recruiting and expanding their office space, most SMEs tend to outsource their HR staffing process. You can easily avoid overhead costs when HR services are outsourced. In addition, outsourcing costs vary and can be expanded or lowered to fit the business needs.   Simple Management Of Risks Outsourcing HR services helps to reduce corporate risk. Almost all legislation and services are continuously being revised, and updating businesses with the new technology and market methodology can be challenging. Outsourcing companies have HR specialists who are aware of the current legislation and facilities. In addition, undertakings will continue to be guaranteed uninterrupted services when HR services are outsourced. Briefly, outsourcing HR services provide you with access to a pool of talent that knows about the new industry developments.   Performance Improvement Most businesses outsource HR as it contributes to increased human resource productivity. Outsourcing of HR resources tends to improve the enforcement, payroll and employee management of substantial HR operations. Through outsourcing HR services, businesses certainly take more time to concentrate on profit and other key business activities.   Performance Management And Corporate Development An organization's overall success supports the growth of employees. In contrast to a set up in which these items are dealt with internally, the overall quality and time to produce also improve. Outsourcing companies also track and support employee results. In fact, this eliminates the administrative tasks of the in-house executives.   Flexibility One of the important reasons for outsourcing human resources services is to ensure that HR works properly. For example, you can still meet your immediate requirement by outsourcing your HR departments when your company is faced with an influx of knowledge. This also allows the business to continue to function as before. The main advantage of outsourcing human resources is certainly flexibility.   Employee Retention All this contributes to a healthy, comfortable atmosphere for workers and to get an idea of what to expect in the days of change and business development. An HR professional has transparent performance policies and objectives for workers as well as open dialogue if they feel unhappy at work. Human resources professionals are people management experts, create a successful and profitable environment and contribute to mitigating complexity in a company new to the market.   Final Words The above considerations are some of the many advantages of outsourcing human resources. It can prove to be highly beneficial to externalize human resources services if you are a small or medium-sized enterprise looking to save extra funds and add new functions to the business. What Are The Benefits Of Temporary Staffing Services? Mon, 21 Jun 2021 13:58:28 +0530 Employers have been jumping on board with temporary staffing in recent years and for good reasons. You are probably thinking about doing the same. But before you bite the bullet, you likely want to know what you are going to gain by using temp workers at your company. The benefits of using temporary staffing are varied. The most significant of them are listed below:   Ideal Staffing Levels Being short staffed is never good for business. When your employees call in sick, go on leave or quit without giving notice and you are stuck with a smaller workforce than you require, your productivity, efficiency, customer service and bottom line can all suffer. But being overstaffed in an attempt to avoid these consequences is not a good idea either. You will just end up paying more in payroll costs than you need to pay to get the work done.   One of the greatest benefits of temporary staffing is that you get to maintain ideal staffing levels at all times. You will never be short staffed as you can hire temp workers to fill in whenever you need. And you will never be overstaffed because you won’t have to hire and pay additional permanent employees when you do not need them full time. When you have reorganization or budget cuts, you can send back those temporary workers to the staffing agency, without having to lay off anyone or pay severance. This can keep your payroll costs down while keeping high productivity.   Happy Employees We all know that when employees are happy they do their work with more enthusiasm. If you make your employees overwork, their morale will dip, customer service will suffer, employees will be less loyal and less engaged and you will probably face a higher turnover. Temporary workers can take the pressure and stress off the shoulders of your current workers. Instead of over working and over burdening your employees, you can give them the helping hands they need. When your employees are happier, your entire organisation benefits. This is sometimes worth a lot.   Cost-Saving One of the most amazing benefits of using temporary staffing services is that it is cost saving. This comes in every way. Your fixed payroll costs will surely be reduced. You won’t have to provide the benefits like workers comp, vacation days, retirement security, or health insurance to temp workers. You also won't have to dish out as much cash on overtime pay if you use temp workers when you are short on staff. You will also reduce your training costs. Your temp workers will be experienced and skilled. And your temporary staffing agency will handle any additional and on-boarding training that might be needed.   Time Savings You can complete all your projects on time when you hire temporary staff for your company. This is one of the best ways to save time and money as well.   These are some of the benefits of temporary staffing services. Choose the get one and enjoy the benefits. Many service providers offer you the best employees at an affordable rate. Work Visa Consultants: Helping to Obtain Legal Permission for Working in a Foreign Land Fri, 16 Jul 2021 11:48:03 +0530 A conditional authorisation, that a country grants to a foreigner is called a visa. The visa allows the newcomer to enter the country and stay there. Visas also include the time duration the foreigner can stay, the date of entering the country and many others, along with the right to work in that particular country. A visa can be a document issued to the immigrant or a stamp marked on the immigrant's passport.   Types of Visa Visa are available in different types, based on the reason of the travel. The common forms of visa are- Tourist VISA: When a person wishes to travel to another country, to tour the place, sightseeing, recreation or to meet friends and family, he/she requires a tourist visa.   Student VISA: This visa is required for an immigrant student to visits a foreign country for the purpose of higher education. Employment BISA: This visa allows a person to work and earn livelihood in a foreign land he/she has visited. Business VISA: This visa is required when an immigrant wishes to travel to another country with a motto of doing business. Medical Visa: Many people travel to foreign lands for consulting reputed doctors of that country. Hence people seeking medical treatment in another country would require a medical visa. Emergency VISA: In any emergency situation, especially in a situation of death in the family, serious illness or accident of parents, children and siblings overseas, an immigrant would require an emergency visa to visit them.   Work Permit Visa A work permit visa is an authorization without which no employer would employ an immigrant to a new country. Few countries, against an application, provides short term visas as a work permit.   But for long term employment, the foreign employer would need to apply for the visa on behalf of the immigrant employee. There are many work visa consultancy service providers who help different individuals who are being relocated internationally for work. These service providers look after that the client does not have to face any legal issues regarding relocation, obtaining visas or any other immigration documentation.   The job of a Work Visa Consultant   • The work visa consultant should look after every aspect relating to Visa and Immigration Service and ensure that all jobs are done smoothly.   • The Visa and Immigration consultant interview the clients they work for and hence deal with all the applicants personally face to face and by post so that they can ensure the suitability of the client. They also look after the accuracy of the information provided by the client while preparing the legal documents.   • These service providers ensure all the documents relevant to visa and immigration are completed and received within the time capped by the government.   • The Visa and Consultant service provider also help the client to obtain Green Cards and several other important documentation along with the Visa.   Conclusion Many people cherish a wish to spend time in a foreign land or experience cultures of different places by staying there for an extended period of time. But this involves a large sum of money to finance the stay period in another country. Therefore, these travellers opt for doing a job in the place they want to stay in and make their scope of enjoyment much easier.   There are many work visa consultancy services provided in India, who not only understands these issues but also provide the best services in obtaining work visas and all other issues so that their clients do not face any problem in the foreign country.