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Work Visa Consultants: Helping To Obtain Legal Permission For Working In A Foreign Land

Posted by Admin on July, 16, 2021

A conditional authorisation, that a country grants to a foreigner is called a visa. The visa allows the newcomer to enter the country and stay there. Visas also include the time duration the foreigner can stay, the date of entering the country and many others, along with the right to work in that particular country. A visa can be a document issued to the immigrant or a stamp marked on the immigrant's passport.

Types of Visa

Visa are available in different types, based on the reason of the travel. The common forms of visa are-

Tourist VISA: When a person wishes to travel to another country, to tour the place, sightseeing, recreation or to meet friends and family, he/she requires a tourist visa.

  • Student VISA: This visa is required for an immigrant student to visits a foreign country for the purpose of higher education.
  • Employment BISA: This visa allows a person to work and earn livelihood in a foreign land he/she has visited.
  • Business VISA: This visa is required when an immigrant wishes to travel to another country with a motto of doing business.
  • Medical Visa: Many people travel to foreign lands for consulting reputed doctors of that country. Hence people seeking medical treatment in another country would require a medical visa.
  • Emergency VISA: In any emergency situation, especially in a situation of death in the family, serious illness or accident of parents, children and siblings overseas, an immigrant would require an emergency visa to visit them.

Work Permit Visa

A work permit visa is an authorization without which no employer would employ an immigrant to a new country. Few countries, against an application, provides short term visas as a work permit.

But for long term employment, the foreign employer would need to apply for the visa on behalf of the immigrant employee.

There are many work visa consultancy service providers who help different individuals who are being relocated internationally for work. These service providers look after that the client does not have to face any legal issues regarding relocation, obtaining visas or any other immigration documentation.

The job of a Work Visa Consultant

• The work visa consultant should look after every aspect relating to Visa and Immigration Service and ensure that all jobs are done smoothly.

• The Visa and Immigration consultant interview the clients they work for and hence deal with all the applicants personally face to face and by post so that they can ensure the suitability of the client. They also look after the accuracy of the information provided by the client while preparing the legal documents.

• These service providers ensure all the documents relevant to visa and immigration are completed and received within the time capped by the government.

• The Visa and Consultant service provider also help the client to obtain Green Cards and several other important documentation along with the Visa.


Many people cherish a wish to spend time in a foreign land or experience cultures of different places by staying there for an extended period of time. But this involves a large sum of money to finance the stay period in another country. Therefore, these travellers opt for doing a job in the place they want to stay in and make their scope of enjoyment much easier.

There are many work visa consultancy services provided in India, who not only understands these issues but also provide the best services in obtaining work visas and all other issues so that their clients do not face any problem in the foreign country.

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